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Missoni Home

Famous Milanese fashion house and ‘masters of colour' Missoni, took their extraordinary textiles into the home in 1983.

An explosion of colour, pattern and luxurious texture, the Missoni Home collection now embraces every part of our lives from bedding and towels to rugs and upholstery fabrics, soft furnishings, furniture and accessories.

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, Missoni continues to be a vital, energetic force in design. The qualities that have seen the company grow and prosper for six decades in the transient, oftentimes fickle arena of fashion are the exact same values they are championing with their eponymous home wares brand: innovation, a singular vision that informs every detail no matter how small,
and a sense of wonder at the endless exquisite possibilities of textiles and the design process.

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MISSONI Giacomo #59 hand towel 40x70cm
Tolomeo #159 hand towel 40x70cm
MISSONI Josephine #156 hand towel 40x70cm
Tolomeo #170 hand towel 40x70cm
MISSONI Giacomo #170 hand towel 40x70cm
MISSONI Giacomo #59 bath towel 70x115cm
Tommaso #100 bath towel 70x115cm
MISSONI Teseo #100 bath towel 70x115cm
MISSONI Josephine #156 bath towel 70x115cm
MISSONI Giacomo #59 hood robe Small
MISSONI Giacomo #59 bath sheet 100x150cm
MISSONI Josephine #156 bath sheet 100x150cm
MISSONI Rex #86 bath mat 60x90cm
MISSONI Giacomo #170 bath mat 60x90cm
Tolomeo #170 bath towel 70x115cm
Tolomeo #159 bath towel 70x115cm
MISSONI Vasilij #160 Beach Towel