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NR Rapisardi - NR Rapisardi are veteran Italian shoemakers with Florentine heritage, constructing contemporary vegan footwear with a difference. These ethically-made shoes feature an innovative collection of plant-based materials sourced from close to home in Florence. The soles of their designs are crafted from the seeds and cereals of non-food-crops that largely exist to produce renewable energy and plant-based chemicals. Traditionally, they used straw and leather to construct their designs, but have phased out leather completely in favour of compassionate, animal-friendly materials. Their interest in animal welfare goes beyond their shoe designs with active involvement in Italian animal rights charity LAVês Animal-Free Fashion project, which educates the public on the use of animal products in fashion. Their designs offer women a light and effortless fit for all-day comfort without any compromise on elegance. Itês no wonder their designs are found in over 30 countries around the world.