Grade AA Extra Large Green Lip Abalone Shell

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About Grade AA Extra Large Green Lip Abalone Shell


Grade AA Extra Large Green Lip Abalone Shell

LENGTH: 15-17cm
ORIGIN: Western Australia

Abalone shells are often used in smudging rituals and catch the hot cinders that fall away from the smudging stick after it has burnt. Abalone shells are a thick shell which shimmer with the gorgeous iridescent colours of mother-of-pearl. Western Australian Green Lip Abalone shells go in all our Smudge Kits. The shells are grown in the pristine waters where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet in the South West of Western Australia. These amazing shells are individual and unique, sustainably hand harvested by second generation Abalone diver. The healing powers of Abalone, one of the oldest living species on the planet, have been revered by American Indians for hundreds of years, traditionally used in smudging ceremony to cleanse and purify objects and spaces to bring positive healing energy.

Note: All FettleBelle crystals and meditation products are cleansed with sage prior to being packed and posted to your door. This ensures you get the maximum strength and vibration potential out of your crystals/ meditation products.